AmberHost was born out of necessity!

After a considerable amount of time had been expended searching for a web host company to host an up and coming service manual library where a range of facilities were required it was decided the only way forward was to rent space on a dedicated server and host it ourselves.

Many companies seemed to offer all the required facilities between them but no one company could, at reasonable cost offer them all.




To turn the whole idea of web hosting upside down! Most other web hosting providers want you to fit within certain predetermined 'slots'. They supply this,this and this with their various packages but if you want something slightly out of the ordinary then unfortunately their attitude would appear to be tough!

How do we differ?
Well to start with we offer a basic web space of 50Mb which allows hosting of hundreds of web pages, diagrams and photos. Then we can offer virtually any facility that you care to dream of and you only pay for those facilities. Our downloads section contains over 200 basic templates which you can manipulate to produce a professional looking site. In fact this page is based on one of them! Front Page Extensions are there as are preloaded scripts, you can host chat rooms or forums! The downloads section will also have available programs for constructing your site and uploading them to the server.

Technical Support
An online Knowledge-base is provided and if you do manage to completely mess up your site then email us and we will put it back into working order. In a few weeks we should have our dedicated support system in place. Remember you will not be alone - we cannot give detailed advise on constructing your pages but getting them uploaded to your site will receive as much help as we possibly can.

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